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Week One Review on Jacarta S

Well.... what a week! The third ride consisted of an 8 second bronking fit (I use Equilab to track my rides! I didn't sit it and start counting!) He was offended when I asked him to remove his head from my Theos butt hole. But I sat there quietly and waited for the tantrum to end, praised him and did a coochy coochy coo voice and then he carried on calmy walking and finished the ride as good as gold!

So I thought it would be a good time to try and integrate him to the big boys field... It did not go well.

Well it did, but there is always one isn't there! This time it was Richie (a normally quiet and not terribly sociable horse) decided he didn't want a younger, sexier, coloured version of him in the field so absolutely peppered poor Jacarta with around 15-20 bites and kicks! Fucking hell he was ruthless, I call my new baby in, patch him up and think of a plan be tomorrow.

I remove Richie from the herd, isolating him but keeping him close enough to the others so he isn't lonely. Literally can still groom others over fence line, but his not that type of horse, and actually he seems pretty happy on his own! I feel awful, the poor lad hasn't had much bonding time with other horses and has no idea how to be around them, however my trusty Theo and the lovely Magic have taken him under his wing and are teaching him the joys of friendship. I have a lesson on Saturday, Jacartas human daddy Andy is my instructor and I'm terrified of how he will react when he sees him! I decided to message Andy and pre-warn him, i bet he is thinking the poor lad would be better cared for at the bloody knackers-man yard!! As you can imagine, I have really knocked back the wine this week! Self medication I call it.

I decide to take Richie and Fly (the two bullyish ones) out the field, I give them Richo, one of the dominant herd leaders to keep them in line. I'm hoping that once Jacarta is settled and learns how to 'horse' his confidence will grow and if we herd them again he will be ready to look after himself. But I honestly have never met such a big bastarding horse that is such a baby! He hasn't got a nasty bone in his body that lovely lad. Check out this YouTube video of snipets of his first week!

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