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13th September - The morning after...

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Well today couldn’t have started any better, that guy I told you about, you know, the one I ended it with? Well I woke up in bed next to him feeling all the love that keeps bringing us back together. We made a coffee and headed down to see Jakarta (I did say hello yesterday and I think I made a good impression in my bridesmaid dress!)

It will be hard not to go off on a tangent about how successful the wedding was and how romantic and perfect it all turned out to be. My friends are married!!

Back to the point…

So we went to kiss and cuddle him and give him a hay net, he is on plenty of grass but I like to get some fibre into them when its this green!

He seems happy, all be it a bit anxious still.

So what to do… decisions decisions. The Team have talked long and hard about how we can settle him and make sure everything is done in a calm, safe manner. However, ultimately it will be my risk to take and it will be me ridding him.

So, 9 year old highly bred gelding, out of work for at least 18 months, fit (chubby!) and well, soured by the school and not seen a lot of the world the past 2 years…

What would you do?

My Team are extremely supportive and have a lot of faith in me I know what i'm doing (eeeeek!)

So play it by ear I say!

I’ve tidied away the wedding and its lunch time, I have all my girls and my mom ready to help out in whatever way possible! Time to catch the beast and have a more formal introduction!

There the chiffney hung, Zoe had told me the advice the previous owners would be to lead him in this for a while till he settles. I look at him and I realise this is a new beginning, I will make mistakes, so will he. Our yard here is safe and secure and decided I’d rather have him break away and run off then him have his first memories of me using the chiffney to lead, thankfully he didn’t put a foot wrong and in he walked straight to the stable.

Previously he was tied up in the stable when people were in there, grooming, tacking up, mucking out, or anything really. Here on the Ranch we have mare and foal stables where he can choose to be with me and accept my presence or walk in circles away from me. Oh, and apparently he can be rather quick with his hind legs! So ill watch out for that one!

In I go, grooming away, picking feet out, introducing him to all the lovely liveries and team, stroking him, loving him, treating him, scratching him. He circles a few times but nothing to blog about.

Ok, so far so good. So I tell the girls to get tacked up, I have it in my head at this point I want to take advantage of the riders here today and take us out for our first group hack. Three plus me will be great! Covered at the rear and a good lead on the front. Happy days. I take him up, he doesn’t like tack, he hides but I continue without having to resort to tying him up. I girth him up and he does some weird Spanish walk, exagurated step thing with a nice ears flat back face whenever I go to tighten it up (which I do slowly over a period of minutes. Whatever, no bites or kicks, winning. Lunge nice and loose, circle or walk and circle of trot on both reins, happy days, one foot in front of the other and no misbehaving. Up we go and off we go!

We managed one of the short block which consists of roads, farm and regular traffic, open fields, building sites, other horses. Jakarta was golden all considered, Shiloh led us with my mom and Zoe up my rear. We had a few trots, as you can imagine he was very hot and sweaty so we kept the ride as relaxed as possible. He felt green, he would have been happy to have shoved his head right up Shilohs arse hole and have her lead him round if he could! Had a couple of ‘wobbly’ moments but I think it’s safe to say he will be just fine.

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