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Introduction to Meg and East Wing 

What we do at East Wing

In 2017 Meg and her incredibly supportive family and best friend Charlie, decided to take the leap and invest into a 12 stable, 20 acre equestrian property set on the borders of Hopwas Woods.

Little did we know where we would be a few years on, in the beginning it was a risk along with a lot of hard work as we pretty much had to gut the yard and everything needed TLC and maintenance, Yes, a big job indeed! 

Anyone who has ran a livery yard will understand the worry of not filling spaces or getting what you want per month. (Previous owners were granted permission for Full livery only!) So not only was I worried about not filling them, it was then making sure people were happy to pay the price for full service!

It is probably a good time to mention that we believe in horses living as naturally as possible, this means that our horses stay out as much as possible, all year turn out and we don't like our horses having too much routine. It allows owners and myself more flexibility when exercising or feeding horses and I have found that it also prevents horses from becoming 'needy' or dependent on one another. Every single horse we have had through our barn doors have benefitted hugely from this way of life, for one reason or another, I'd like to think we have their living arrangements down to pretty darn perfect!

Any way, the worries feel like a life time ago and were completely unnecessary! We filled the stables in no time (we could have filled them 10 times over!) and the best part is we have had nothing but amazing, talented great people move to us with there unbelievably beautiful horses! Turns out finding a full livery yard round here that treats the horses like we do and give the owners as much say and freedom as possible is pretty hard to find! So, from the moment we opened the ranch gates we have been full! So full in fact our wash box has been often turn into emergency stabling! So full in fact we have extended the yard to add 2 more cheeky stables into the mix!

Yes, East Wing and more importantly the people, team and horses here have made this whole experience worth all the hours of hard labour, worth every penny of improvements and myself, my mom Janice, Charlie and Zoe have never been happier. We made our own luck and we now get to enjoy our horses to the full every single day. So much in fact that over lockdown I have thought that we must open our services, our experience to more people, help more horses and show people what we can do here for them and their equine companion!

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