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The arrival of Jacarta and my best friends wedding

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

So it’s here! The big day has arrived!!!

Saturday 12th September 2020, in the year of lock downs, uncertainty and ever changing rules there are two things I know for sure will happen here at East Wing today.

One - My best friend, greatest partner and the most stunning woman I know will be getting married to the love of her life and having the reception right here at the ranch!

And Two – Jacarta, a huge 9 year old CHAPS gelding, will be coming to live with me and become part of our furry family!


As you can imagine, overwhelmed and under prepared is a strong feeling of mine today. It’s my best friend’s wedding and my family and I are hosting, no pressure there!

We have the arrival of Jacarta S and I can’t be there to settle him in and deal with whatever he has to throw at us.

As well as still getting my head around sending my first-born colt off the ranch for education with Auntie Jo, fleeing the nest and moving away from home, deciding only yesterday to end a very complicated, long term relationship which now I am having huge second thoughts about, and not being at home to make sure everything is as perfect as can be as I hope you can understand, things these past few days have been a bit blur for me. The fear of failing my friends and animals is something that regularly crosses my mind, let alone when I actually have some importance to my roles!

As one of Charlies Maids of Honour I will be by her side, being pampered, pruned and plucked into a smooth semi-female looking creature and going through the motions until she’s delivered to her husband…. Never to be seen again… well for at least a week while she honeymoons but that is a very long time for us!

So what is the best thing to do when you have all day to sit around and over think everything, prosecco? Oh hell yes.

3 drinks in…

Somethings you simply can not be prepared for. If it wasn’t for my Mommy Jan, Zoe and Lynn holding down the fort and keeping me grounded and strong for the sake of our Charlie and all our animals, I think I would have gone to bed and woke up in 2021!

However, the sun shines today, what will happen will happen and I have done all I can now, fate will take over and what will be will be.

I’m now feeling excited, excited for the new life Jacarta will have, excited for my friends and family to have such a glorious day, excited for East Wing holding its first wedding reception in all its beauty, but most of all I’m excited for my best friend, excited about her ceremony and her future, as long as she is happy and had the perfect day and Jacarta arrives safe and sound then all is good today. I have a feeling about today, cheers to new beginnings and the greatest of friends.

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