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The first month of re-training a troubled horse...

So, it’s been what? 5 weeks since Jacarta came to me, oooo and there had been some serious ups and downs! Literally 😂

Now if your a potential buyer, look away now and skip

to the good bits at the end!

I have been keeping his training consistent, riding him on average of 4-5 days a week, mainly hacking, well majority hacking! On a rainy day when time was limited I decided to take him over some poles with Zoe and Milo (Milo is Zoe’s TBxWelsh) and we had our first rodeo around the school!

As always with Jacarta I didn’t put any pressure on him and aimed for a simple ‘fun‘ session... me and Jac have very different ideas of fun! 🙄

Asked him for a trot... that was OK, I mean he was very wibbly wobbly and struggled to stay straight.. after all it’s probably been years since he’s done any poles!

So that was my limit, a few trot poles after 15-20 minutes of riding, and considering how nappy he is, he wasn’t half bad and did well not relying on Milo to much.

So.... I thought I would finish on a nice gentle canter on both reins... no reign contact, no pressure... well, he shoved his heads between his legs so deep he was practically licking his arsehole! Bolt, bronc, bolt, bronc....

No self preservation, no spacial awareness, he just simply lost his shit.

So after he calmed down I knew I needed to ask again. Is it pain related? Behavioural? Is he expecting to be draw-reined, kicker around and bounced on like a trampoline? Anyway, a couple more yeehaa moments and he behaved himself...

So, not pain related, phew I guess! Behavioural, he’s got away with being a naughty boy but I think he’s behaviour was previously warranted, in a self- protection, expecting the worst type of behaviour!

But we got there in the end! He got it and was all ok...

well until a few days later, I’ll be after one great ride, the next was...

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